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DDR Wertmessziffer Rating System

In the old East Germany the Schutzhund and working dogs were rated by the Wertmessziffer system. In English Wertmessziffer means “measured value number”. This system was quick and easy to understand for breeders orĀ  buyers wanting to get a look into the conformation and temperament of any dog that had been evaluated and rated. Below is a chart of the system itself and an example rating.

first digit second digit third digit fourth digit fifth digit sixth digit
value body type with respect to breed standard constitution build (structure) temperament sharpness courage and hardness
0 little resemblance delicate, weak, sensitive cryptorchid nervous, afraid, very shy

1 poor representative deficient sexual characteristics poor angulation spooky, timid, noise-sensitive none none
2 too fine poor pigment faulty proportions insecure, fearful at times, possibly sharp shy some some
3 too tall faulty coat average angulation reserved, suspicious or aggressive sufficient sufficient
4 sufficent maturing problems good angulation aggressive, sharp, hard, dangerous good good
5 average ideal excellent relaxed, friendly, very hard when provoked very good very good
6 powerful coarse, resilient good angulation relaxed, friendly, hard when provoked

7 short weak ears long body relaxed, friendly, sensitive

8 heavy soft over-angulated relaxed, friendly, indifferent

9 coarse crippled excess in any of the points above soft, indifferent, depressed

As an example, a dog with a Wertmessziffer rating of 6545/55 would be a powerfully built dog with ideal constitution, good angulations. It would be be relaxed and friendly yet very hard when provoked. It’s courage and sharpness would be very good.