Past Dogs

Dogs and Puppies

The following dogs/bitches have been used successfully in our breeding program. They have made a significant impact on the breed and we feel that these bloodlines are some of the best lines for producing working German Shepherd Dogs. The majority of these great dogs are either deceased or retired, and live on through their sons and daughters.


Agar z Pohranicni straze ZVV1 (D.)
Agar was a Gomo v. Schieferschloss son. You will find his pedigree in the lines that we breed and have bred to. Even after his passing he continues to be a staple in our breeding program.
SV breed book # 93 SZ#0002759
CKSP: 23789/89
OFA good hips, elbows
Titles ZM, ZVV1, AD KK1
Conformation Very Good
Linebreeding: Arko Grafental (4-4)

Titus z Pohranicni Straze CS (D.)
Titles: SP-PS
CKSP 564
Bonitacni: 5JY6/54

Ron vom Haus Bernhart-Mader Sch3, IPO3 (D.)
WUSV 95, 98, SZ:1814069
0/0 hips Velmi Dobry, Bonitace: 5KU5/55

Dick Bethme SK (D.)
SKSP: 26960/94
0/0 hips
Bonitace: 5CV+
Titles: Sch3, IPO3, FH
Slovak and USA Nationals

Dyk Neresnická dolina (D.)
Dyk was standard sized, strong boned, good looking dog.
Hips good, ball drive was good and bite work too.
D.O.B. – July,14.1999


Cimi Iluze CS ZVV1
CMKU: 24509/95/97
0/0 hips, Velmi Dobra
Bonitace: 5CKV1/P

Karin Policia SVV1 (D.)
SKSP: 27088, 0/0 hips,
Velmi Dobra,
Bonitace: 5CKV 6/43

Ira Venušina sopka CS ZVV1
CKSP: 13310/93/94
0/0 Hips
Velmi Dobra
Bonitace: 5V 1/P

Cora z Esagilu SVV1
0/0 hips A Grim z Pohranicni straze daughter

Chasi z Trávníckova Dvora CS ZVV2, IPO3, OP1
Velmi Dobra
Bonitace: 5CI 1/P
0/0 hips
SV breed book # 97
SZ# 0007182
CKSP: 02804/92

Asia Al-Zdor IPO1
DOB: 13 July 1996 Hips “A”,
Bonitacni Karta: 5X5/55
Bloodline: DDR, Czech Republic Border Patrol